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this agreement is made on this date as of june 01, 2014 , by and between the following parties:

下列买卖双方经友好协商,同意2014年 月日订立本协议。

the buyer 买方:beijing zhongyang global tunaco.ltd.:北京中洋环球金枪鱼有限公司

address 地址:no.200 jingshun road chaoyang district, beijing, china


tel 电话:86-10-89669988 fax 传真: 86-10-6435 9456

the seller 卖方:

address 地址:

tel 电话:

fax 传真:

consignee and payer are appointed by the buyer as below for the time being. the buyer should inform the seller in written form if any change of consignee or payer.


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the consignee 收货人:beijing zhongyang global tuna co.ltd.


address 地址:no.200 jingshun road chaoyang district, beijing北京市朝阳区京顺路200号

tel 电话:86-10-89669988 fax 传真: 86-10-6435 9456

the payer 付款人:beijing zhongyang global tunaco.ltd


address 地址:no.200 jingshun road chaoyang district, beijing北京市朝阳区京顺路200号

tel 电话:86-10-89669988 fax 传真: 86-10-6435 9456

whereas, the buyer contemplates to import the agreed products and holds all necessary permits for this kind of importation, and the seller has the capacity to provide these products .


therefore, the seller agrees to sell and the buyer agrees to buy the undermentioned product during the period of this agreement according to the terms and conditions stated below:


1. product & price 产品及价格

product 产品:------------frozen tuna (---------) 冷冻金枪鱼

commoditygradenet/ctnq’tyunit priceamount 品 名等级单箱净重数量单价 (cfr 新港)總價

origin 产地:

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negotiated and agreed according to market price per season and the buyer confirmed in written form of purchase order (see annex one). the seller confirmed in form of invoice .


2. insurance : to be covered by the seller


3. purchase order 订货单

during the period of this agreement, as for each shipment, the buyer should contact in advance with the seller on the quantity, delivery time and other particulars of this shipment, and based on the consultation results, issue a written purchase order to the seller, stating the quantity, unit price and delivery time and other particulars agreed by the seller. the seller shall arrange the shipment as agreed and issue an invoice to the buyer.



the purchase order will be prepared by the buyer. its format is enclosed as annex one of this agreement and shall be adopted by the buyer.买方应使用并填写本协议附件一所示的订货单。

4. delivery terms 发货条款

cfr xingang

period of shipment:

the specific time for each shipment will be showed on the purchase order and should be determined when the seller receives the buyer’s purchase order.


具体交货日期会显示在订货单上,并应在卖方接到买方的订货单后确定。 transportation 运输方式:by sea container海运

the seller will provide the completed documents required by buyer and conform to the law of ciq and china customs.


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5. payment terms 付款方式

the buyer should pay byt/t :15 days after declaration of the goods by the buyer and t/t to the account of the seller.



information of bank account of the seller:

7. claims 索赔条款

the products must be checked upon delivery. claims due to quality of the tuna must be made in

written immediately and for maximum 7 days after delivery. tuna subject to claim must not be resold

without agreement. the seller should issue credit note for the claim within 1 month after claim.


the invoiced amount must always be paid in full as agreed. deduction from an invoice can only be

done if the seller has issued a credit note.

只有卖方开具索赔通知单(credit note)的情况下,买方才可冲抵发票金额。否则,发票金额必须全额支付。

8. confidentiality 保密条款

both parties are obliged not to publish the content of this agreement, also including cases of

disagreement, to competitors, press, tv etc. and not to disclose any content of this agreement to any

other third party unless the prc laws and regulations require otherwise.


9. period of agreement 协议期限

the period of this agreement is june 2014 – dec. 2014


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10. termination of agreement 协议的解除

one party has the right to terminate this agreement unilaterally prior to the expiry of this agreement

if any of the above terms/conditions are breached by the other party. the unilateral termination will

take effect when a written notice has been duly issued to the default party.


the termination of this agreement will not relieve the default party of any responsibility and

obligations under this agreement which has occurred prior to termination of this agreement.


11. dispute resolution 争议的解决

any dispute arising from or in connection with this agreement which cannot be amicably settled

between the parties, shall be submitted to no.2 intermediate people’s court of beijing for hearing. if

the disputed amount is too low to meet the acceptance criterion of the above said court, the dispute

shall be submitted to people’s court of beijing chaoyang district for resolution.


buyer:beijing zhongyang global tunaco.ltd.


for & on behalf of:




for & on behalf of :


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美国资深律师经验:二十一世纪写好合同的五十招(英汉对照) 作者:james. martin 来源: 梅世杰的日志美国资深律师经验:二十一世纪写好合同的五十招(英汉对照)

作者:james. martin

fifty tips for writing the 21st century contract that stays out of court




published in the florida bar journal, nov. 2014


note: this article is for background purposes only and is not intended as legal advice.